NKZ Productions Inc.

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us
— Ralph Hattersley


My Name is Kalvin Zhen, the Director of NKZ Productions. I am a Professional Photographer located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada  specializing in Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, and Wedding Photography. Sometimes I like to call myself an International Photographer because I like to travel and documenting my stories through photojournalism. What inspires me in photography is having the chance venture the world, exploring the wonders like pioneers. Capturing those moments and bringing to back home to show the people what I saw with my own eyes, to me that is a fulfilling accomplishment. I hope I can share the world the greatest of my work in various genre's of Photography.

In the late 90's, realistically it was ideal to get myself educated in a profession where my career can maintain a well off stable lifestyle.  So while finding the balance between my skilled passion and the reality of getting a Job, I decided to take my education in Design. In year 2008 I had attended the Alberta Collage of Art + Design majoring in Visual Communications. At the time I wanted to be a conceptual artist for the gaming industry. Along with my studies I had played with a camera to expand my creativity in Photography and Cinematography.

Through the lessons that I have learned in design, I have developed a creative and unique perspective for my photography. Having others appreciate and respect my work, I had come to the realization that passion is what brings the world together. It is the love of creating the art that you can share and learn with others that is motivating me every day to take another step in my photography.



                 NKZ VISON



Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up
— Pablo Picasso